Wholesale, Custom Printed 100% Corn Plastic Mugs! Sustainable, Biodegradable and Petroleum Free!

Corn Commuter Mug Corn Koffee Keg Corn Kegger Corn Souper

What’s So Cool About Corn Mugs?

Well, the planet for one thing! Corn Mugs are made from an annually renewable resource using no petroleum as a raw material. A corn mug’s manufacturing process uses 68% less energy, produces 65% fewer carbon emissions and conserves water, making the Corn Mug a substantially greener option than a traditional plastic mug. Plus Corn Mugs are re-usable, which saves disposable coffee cups from their short and wasteful trip from production to disposal!

Promote your event, business, or organization with custom printed corn mugs made from 100% corn plastic. Corn Mugs are also a top selling green retail item in coffee shops, restaurants and school bookstores. The mugs are microwave safe and non-toxic and last for many years under normal use. In a composting facility however, a corn mug can completely degrade in as little as 90 days!

Minimum order for custom printed corn mugs are 72 or 144, depending on the style, and take an estimated 3 – 4 weeks to produce.

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